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Try out the brief moments of mindfulness, still or moving, or a quick breath practice that can help you reset between sessions.

3 Breath Reset: A Simple Tool to Help You Reboot Throughout Your Day.

For therapists, taking just a moment to pause and reset throughout the day can make a real impact not only on how you feel, but in how you show up for your clients and other responsibilities.

The 3 Breath Reset is a resource I developed to help therapists feel centered, grounded, and focused. You can use it to bring your attention to the people and tasks in front of you with more mindfulness and intention while taking a moment for yourself. Getting in the habit of using it regularly can nurture your compassion resilience.

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One Wild and Precious Life

This is the story of my encounter with an Antillean crested hummingbird. Read how it inspired me to invite therapists to be present in our own wild and precious lives.

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The Importance of Connection and Collaboration as Therapists

Growth and development occur in relationship. We are not born alone, and we don’t grow alone.  Human development takes place in relationship, and so does professional development.  Far too many therapists feel alone and have the sense of working in isolation – even...

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Barely have ONE Minute to Invest in Yourself? The Importance of Therapist Self-Nurturing in the Pandemic

The COVID pandemic no longer feels brand new. It’s not as chaotic and disruptive as it was in past months. However, it’s an ongoing challenge full of uncertainty with no real end in sight.  It’s a Time for Extra Care. Doing therapy well requires that therapists’ own well-being is in good shape. This is true under the best of circumstances, but becomes even more so in difficult times.

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Why Teletherapy is Draining and How to Make it Better

Teletherapy can be exhausting – and it’s not just screen time. In the context of COVID19 it’s also major change + brand new habits + upheaval + a whole lotta stress!!!!!

If you are feeling drained or exhausted by the move to telehealth as a therapist, you are not alone! Learn why teletherapy is feeling so draining and get tips for how to make it better.

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Getting Started with Teletherapy in a Time of Crisis

If adding telehealth sessions to your therapy practice is new to you, this is a big step. Adapting your practice can be a huge source of pressure.  

You are doing important work in this world. Get some clarity on basic steps to take to get yourself set-up while remembering that taking care of yourself is crucial in this process.

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How My Farmshare Made Me a Better Therapist

Joining a CSA farm share this summer brought unexpected gifts for me. In this post I talk about how my farm share experience helped me to practice what I preach. Writing this story reminded me of the importance of nurturing myself deeply and how critical that is to...

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A Gift of Self-Care for Therapists

Therapists need self-care, not just for personal wellbeing, but to nurture and sustain professional functioning. The tool of your trade as a therapist is you. So making sure that you maintain your own well being isn’t a luxury, it’s crucial to your ability to do your...

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Is Your Job Impossible?

COVID PANDEMIC NOTE The ongoing global pandemic continues to create tremendous disruption and stress for therapists and clients alike.  While this post was written pre-pandemic and has a “regular life” tone, we need to pay as much - if not more - attention to taking...

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