1:1 Consultation

Rediscover your inspiration, deepen your skills and love the work you do!

Whether you want to explore client case material or nourish your own professional growth, consultation is a resource that can help you do your best work and invest in your own well-being.

I can help you connect more deeply to your own inherent wisdom, view therapy from a more holistic perspective, and develop skills using the mind-body connection.


Get expert 1:1 Consultation to:

  • Delve into clinical issues and develop innovative interventions
  • Rekindle inspiration and fire up new excitement for therapy work
  • Increase sustainable self-care and compassion resilience
  • Explore creativity and the creative process in therapy
  • Learn about body-centered theories and techniques
  • Become more familiar with current influences in therapy such as mindfulness and neurobiology
  • Put mind-body science to work in your
  • Increase comfort and creativity with telehealth
  • Reduce professional stress

How it Works

Book a Discovery Call to see if working together is the right option to provide you with the support and guidance you need. 

Or, if you’re ready to dive in, schedule a single session or a discounted package of 3.

During our sessions together, we’ll talke about what you want to focus on and how to best help you meet your goals.  We might explore clinical case material, dive into ways to expand your creative or somatic approaches or consider other aspects of your professional development. 

Book a Free Discovery Call

Curious about how consultation can help you expand your options for helping your clients?

Let’s talk about the support you need and how I can help you develop skills, confidence and ease while integrating mind, body, and creativity in therapy.

Working with Annabelle has been an opportunity for me to deepen my trust in myself as a clinician. She reminds me that in addition to training, instinct is a powerful tool for a therapist. I look forward to our sessions because she often encourages me to keep my artist “self” present by using my creativity to explore professional and clinical issues. She empowers me to find answers to my questions by bringing me back to the mind and the body.

- M


Getting support from Annabelle is exactly what I need right now!  She helps me with her unique blend of compassion, playfulness, and humor to remember that I already know what I need.  With her guidance, I come back to myself and find the wisdom that is always there, but often blocked.  It feels particularly important in this time of pandemic related fear to be able to get deep nourishment and return to my essence.  This allows me to share my best self with my family, my clients, and the world.

- S


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