Get Excited About Using Mind, Body & Creativity to Help Your Clients Heal & Thrive!

Grow your confidence and skills using somatic, experiential, mind-body & creative approaches in psychotherapy.

Hi, I’m Annabelle

I love the deeply gratifying and moving work of being a therapist, and I am thrilled that the world of therapy is embracing body-centered, experiential and innovative approaches.

I’ve made it one of my personal missions to support other therapists who want to approach therapy using more whole-person and creative options.

I also want to help you remember what it felt like to be inspired to be a therapist, to feel confident in making decisions and exploring innovation in your work, to tap into the deep inner resources that will sustain you and guide you.

You want to help your clients thrive by going beyond talk therapy and I want to help you show up for them and for yourself.

Join me in cultivating your vitality and thriving in your work as a therapist using somatic & experiential approaches!

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BodyWise Card Deck & Guide:

Somatic Resources for Therapists & Clients

Increase Mind-Body Awareness & Integrate Body-Based Tools in Therapy

Ready to Feel More Confident & Effective Using Somatic Approaches in Therapy?

Mindful Body, Mindful Therapy:

Integrating Somatic Approaches with More Confidence & Ease

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