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These practices are designed to be easily incorporated into your day in just a few moments – or even a few breaths.  Pause and take just a little focused time for yourself!


3 Breath Reset

This brief exercise uses the breath and mindfulness to help you pause, ground and refocus.  Use it throughout the day to transition between clients, meetings, and other activities.  I share more about using the 3 Breath Reset for yourself and with your clients in this blog post.

Pause, Reflect, Respond

This brief exercise uses mindfulness and body awareness to help you pause immediately after client sessions. Use it throughout the day after session to transition between clients, feel more centered and use your time and energy to nurturen your self and serve your work.  I share more about using Pause, Reflect, Respond in this blog post.

Moments of Mindfulness

These brief guided mindfulness exercises can help provide a respite from your busy day. Each is about 2 minutes long and they can be done alone or together.

Try the Moment of Mindful Movement if you’d like to take a break from sitting and feel more energized, or to help you shift restless energy before doing the Moment of Mindful Stillness. This is also a good option if you tend to have difficulty with sitting/still meditation.

Try the Moment of Mindful Stillness, if you’re looking for some restful calm, or as a pause before doing the Moment of Mindful Movement.

A Moment of Mindful Movement

by Annabelle Coote | Moments of Mindfulness

A Moment of Mindful Stillness

by Annabelle Coote | Mindful Moments

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