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These practices are designed to be easily incorporated into your day in just a few moments – or even a few breaths.  Pause and take just a little focused time for yourself!


3 Breath Reset

This brief exercise uses the breath and mindfulness to help you pause, ground and refocus.  Use it throughout the day to transition between clients, meetings, and other activities.  I share more about using the 3 Breath Reset for yourself and with your clients in this blog post.

Moments of Mindfulness

These brief guided mindfulness exercises can help provide a respite from your busy day. Each is about 2 minutes long and they can be done alone or together.

Try the Moment of Mindful Movement if you’d like to take a break from sitting and feel more energized, or to help you shift restless energy before doing the Moment of Mindful Stillness. This is also a good option if you tend to have difficulty with sitting/still meditation.

Try the Moment of Mindful Stillness, if you’re looking for some restful calm, or as a pause before doing the Moment of Mindful Movement.

A Moment of Mindful Movement

by Annabelle Coote | Moments of Mindfulness

A Moment of Mindful Stillness

by Annabelle Coote | Mindful Moments

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