BodyWise Cards & Guide

Somatic Resources for Therapists & Clients

Use the BodyWise Cards and Guide to Help You and Your Clients Make Use of Somatic Resources

The BodyWise cards introduce body-based tools to support the therapy process. Use them for yourself to increase your own mind-body awareness and responsiveness. Use them with your clients in session and to develop options for use in day to day life.  

Benefits of the BodyWise Cards:
    • Keep the cards handy to use in session or for yourself between sessions.
    • Increase communication with your clients about using body-based approaches in therapy.
    • Help your clients develop somatic resources to be more regulated and make more use of the therapy process.
What’s Included:
    • BodyWise Card Deck – each card introduces a somatic resource & outlines a somatic activity to practice.
    • BodyWise Guide that dives deeper into each of the resources and offers therapists guidance on using the cards, the somatic activities, and more ideas on how to make use of somatic resources in therapy.
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Photo of Annabelle Coote.

Annabelle Coote, MA, LMHC, BC-DMT

I have been using body-centered, somatic, creative and experiential approaches as a therapist, clinical supervisor and consultant, educator and author for over 25 years.  Having experienced highs and lows, joys and struggles as a professional, I truly love being a therapist and supporting other therapists, especially with integrating mind, body and creativity in clinical work.

I am drawn to both the art and science of psychotherapy and get excited about integrating different approaches. I am a licensed mental health counselor, certified advanced Sensorimotor Psychotherapist, and board certified dance/movement therapist. I also integrate expressive arts therapy, EMDR, and IFS approaches.

Interested in more support using mind, body & creativity in therapy? Schedule a Discovery Call to see if working together is right for you.

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