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Somatic Resources for Therapists & Clients

Increase Mind-Body Awareness & Integrate Body-Based Tools in Therapy

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Mindful Body, Mindful Therapy: Integrating Somatic Appraoches with More Confidence & Ease

Develop Your Work Using Body-Centered & Experiential Approaches

In just about 10 minutes per week, this 6 week mini course is for therapists at all experience levels who want to feel more grounded and centered using somatic interventions. The course will help you get curious about opportunities for using more innovative approaches, feel more creative in your clinical work, and facilitate healing and change with your clients in powerful ways.

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Other Freebies & Resources

Making Telehealth Better Guide

Feel more effective working remotely with your clients. Includes a tip sheet to share and review ith clients.

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Blog & Videos

Learn more about body-centered and experiential approaches in therapy and feel inspired in your own professional development.

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Mind-Body Practices

Show up for yourself, and show up for your clients feeling more grounded, centered, and present.

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